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Bonus Ukulele Night on February 2

Here is a special news flash for all of the NWPA Ukulele folk:


And it’s Groundhog’s day too, let’s celebrate.

Monday, February 2, 2015
World Ukulele Day

Bonus Ukulele Night
at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro,

Yes, a bonus Ukulele night. from 6:30 – 9:00

We will gather as usual but now we are going to add an extra half hour on to the beginning of the evening to help accomodate some of the newer ukulele players and to give our elementary school players a little more playing time before they are forced to go home to bed ‘cause it’s a school night.:-)

We’ll use this half hour to work slowly on some easier warmup songs and to give mentoring help when it is requested. If you think that this is a good idea show up at 6:30 ready to play.

We will try to keep the first 1&1/2 hours on the simpler side of our song list and we will be adding some child oriented songs to our new song list. Please don’t think of this as anything other than more ukulele fun for all of us. The experienced players are asked to mentor.

We are now projecting our song sheet for all to see. Song list, etc. will be sent soon

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

January 13 – What A Good Time

The first jam of the new year was a huge success, we had a bunch of fun!

There are ukulele players pretty much everywhere at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery when we play. If you haven’t been there you owe it to yourself to go, at least to watch. You don’t have to play, you can sing along or just enjoy what’s happening. Who knows, you may have fun too and even play a ukulele.

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January 13, 2015 – First Get Together of the New Year

Hi All – Happy 2015

The holidays are over – whew. It’s time to get geared up for another year of ukulele fun starting with our get together on Tuesday, January 13 at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro.

I’ll be counting on you to suggest your favorites as we play. I’ve come up with a short list to get us started, all songs from our existing song lists on :

5’2 medley
Blowin in the wind
Country road
Fathers whiskers
I wanna be a dog
Keep on the sunny side
One meatball
Pistol packin mama
San Fran bay blues
Sloop John b
With a little help
If I only had a brain

There are two Chicken related songs in the New Song List on get them for your song book. there are youtube links on each songsheet.

Looking forward to seeing you there, come early, have dinner.