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February Ukulele Night “Beatle Mania”

I just wanted to remind you that February Ukulele nIght is Wednesday, February 15 from 6:30 – 9:00 at Charlie’s Pub and eatery in Edinboro.
In addition to our usual start with easier songs to warm up we will be having a little “Beatle Mania” time with the following songs. The ones marked with * are already in our song list the others will soon appear on the website.
* Twist & Shout
* Eight Days a week
* Nowhere Man
* Octopus Garden
* With a little help
* Yellow Submarine
Hey Jude
ObLaDi ObLaDa
When Im 64
We will also have an open mic session for those who would like to perform a song. Everyone is welcome to give it a try and I encourage you to think about it.

Hope to see you there,