Monthly Archives: March 2016

April 12 Get Together


Hoping that every had a happy Easter and that you are enjoying the spring-like weather when we have it.

Our April Get Together is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12 from 6:30 – 9:30 at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro.

As usual we will spend the first 45 min. or so playing some of the easier songs from our list then we will break for our “open mic” session and finish up the evening with your song choices from our list.

Open mic has become one of the highlights of the evening, anyone or group of players is welcome to get up and do a song. Everyone will appreciate whatever you do. So, don’t be shy!

It’s not too late to sign up for the May 15 gig in Waterford. We currently have 10 or so players but could use more. Let me know if you want the song list for that.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th!

March 8th Ukulele Night

What a night it was with upwards of 50 players and a room full of people, great fun for all.

Next ukulele Night at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery is April 12, hope to see you there.

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