January Ukulele Night

Well, I seem to have missed December all together but we did have a Ukulele Night. Oh well, December is too hectic anyway.

January Ukulele Night was was a hoot. There were fewer players than usual due to an ugly weather forecast but those of us that made it had a lot of fun. New songs, new players,  great open mic session all work together to make a successful evening as can be seen in the following pictures.


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NOVEMBER 15 – Ukulele Night

Just a reminder that Ukulele Night is coming up next Tuesday, November 15 from 6:30 – 9:00 at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro.

As usual we will arm up with some two and three chord songs and move on to this list:

Battle of New Orleans
Blowin’ In the Wind
Bye Bye Love
Eight Days a Week
Friends in Low Places
I Wanna Be a Dog
Mack The Knife
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
San Francisco Bay Blues
Enjoy Yourself It’s Later Than you Think

Then we’ll have an open mic session for anyone wishing to participate and finish of the evening with your song choices.

So, come early, bring a friend and get ready for some fun.


Fourth Anniversary Celebration – 10/11/2016

What an amazing night at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery. There were 50 ukuleles and numerous audience members singing along with us, another standing room only crowd. We sang and played, had an open mic session and played some more. We even had the local TV station, WJET, there to film us.  https://www.facebook.com/pacileomark/videos/1403759349637493/

Thank you Judy Dalaba for the pictures.

14517393_1163252260411755_2710815384644191818_n 14520434_1163254610411520_879308633569705208_n 14590519_1163253970411584_4242820727636039594_n 14606453_1163254943744820_9020128912204150411_n 14656240_1163254767078171_8535938228069478797_n 14656297_1163253477078300_8349840168864236081_n 14670597_1163253150411666_6302726696242137796_n 14680507_1163253313744983_1708487333741218432_n 14680608_1163255740411407_6127101961999773406_n 14681600_1163251483745166_5442356191079813332_n 14681809_1163251943745120_3975955746910982600_n 14681834_1163253580411623_6427812928217252715_n 14705738_1163252860411695_7371736299659475767_n 14705834_1163252073745107_8730624727543167582_n 14708158_1163255203744794_4223453536249681772_n 14718804_1163253833744931_1600161728482095327_n 14720521_1163254377078210_397192119093571389_n 14724407_1163251767078471_5905979876838542400_n 14724450_1163251553745159_4977831495163173372_n 14731328_1163254520411529_4080056850921392716_n

October 11 Ukulele Night & 4th Anniversary Celebration


NWPA Ukuleles is celebrating our 4th anniversary on Tuesday, October 11 from 6:30 – 9:00 at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro.

Our first get together was on October 9, 2012. About 15 people showed up and it all began, most of those original 15 are still regular attenders as well as many, many more since then.

Imagine, four years of ukulele fun at no cost to the players, it doesn’t get any better than that.

As usual we will start with some easy two and three chord songs and move on to the following:

The Cat Came Back
Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think
King of the Road
Little Brown Jug
People Get Ready
Salty Dog Blues
Twist & Shout
Wagon Wheel
Stand By Me
“A” You’re Adorable
Bring It on Home to Me

We’ll take a litlle break to have refreshments (Ukulele shaped cookies, cupcakes, Marshmallow Hula Bunnies) are acceptable treats if you want to bring them, or not. Up to you.

Have your number ready for OPEN MIC and then we’ll all play some more.

Hope to see you there to help us celebrate, bring a friend, come early and have dinner.

Keep on strumming,

SEPTEMBER UKULELE NIGHT @ Charlie’s Pub and Etery


September Ukulele Night will be in the usual place at the usual time….. Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro, 6:30 – 9:00 Pm. Come early & have dinner, bring a friend.

Like always we will warm up with several two and three chord songs and then here is a list of some other songs we will do :

Hound Dog
Home On The Range
Puff the Magic Dragon
San Francisco Bay Blues
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Yellow Submarine
Rocky Top
King of the Road
Nobody Knows You

In addition to those songs I am adding two new songs to the list:

“Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)” and old folk song “The Cat Came Back”