NWPA Ukuleles at the Survivors Dinner – June 21

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We played in the Youth Activities Building (a barn) at the Craawford County Fairgrounds in Meadville PA.

Nine members of our group were available to play at the Crawford County Relay for alive Survivors Dinner on Saturday, June 21. Our hour long set of songs was a big hits with the dinner guests during the social hour prior to the dinner. We can all be proud of this group of players for the outstanding job they did on the performance.

Notice the excellent engineering for the hanging of the group banner.  When asked to please find a place to hang the banner, our crew created a wall by upending a picnic table on milk crates.  NWPA ingenuity at work.

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Recap of June 11

The June get together at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery was another huge success. There were about 20 players in attendance, some more new ukesters joined us and fun was had.

We really nailed some of the songs on the list. “Drop Baby Drop” was described as a weird song by a few and “If I Only Had a Brain” may become a new favorite as soon as we all get past the hard chords.

I really love this group and their enthusiasm. Getting stronger every month. Well done my friends!

No pictures to post this month, sorry ’bout that, no photog on site.

Next Get Together – Wednesday, June 11

Looking forward to another great Get Together, be prepared to laugh and have fun. Please welcome our newest members and help them when you can.  But then, you already do that, thanks. Please remember that we now will meet on the second Wednesday until October. I finally  added the pictures from the May Get Together. 10271533_720673484640632_7885324663506187000_n 10305064_720673561307291_7654148450001309448_n 10264616_720673441307303_7394035869542625323_n 1017763_720673587973955_8504850428345130356_n 10341603_720673727973941_6906632113949509998_n 1688167_720673517973962_5276313186920266013_n 10270437_720673474640633_9189270881658968195_n 10365939_720673557973958_1848450498118806847_n 10371896_720673614640619_1221304845996413325_n 10302095_720673737973940_3803012078226677336_n 10339670_720673707973943_8758065352786900955_n 1907656_720673637973950_6261224098772217805_n 10173642_720673691307278_3094601568097790692_n 10309200_720673654640615_6585822114097024555_n Play list for June 11:

Some easy songs to warm up:
Buffalo Gals
Camptown Races
I Ride an old Paint
Pistol Packing Mama
The last group of New Songs:
Joy to the World(Jeremiah)
Don’t worry Be Happy
Hop along Peter
Octopus’s Garden
Party Doll
Purple People Eater
Salty Dog Blues
If I Only Had a Brain
Johnny B Goode
Some older songs:
Drop Baby Drop
Ghost Chickens
Hotel California
I’m an old Cowhand
And then any other songs you choose

May 13 – Get Together

We had our usual monthly get together at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro. There were 21 players in the attendance, a great turnout.

We once again pulled a new player from the crowd and she learned a few chords and is ready to keep playing. Score another one for us.

There were two other new players who came and were heartily welcomed. Our group is some warm and welcoming and totally helpful to new players. It makes me proud to be a part of this fun loving crowd of ukulele enthusiasts.

NWPA Ukuleles if sponsoring an Introduction to Ukulele Workshop at the Edinboro Art and Music Festival on Saturday, May 16. It will be held at Goodell Gardens, ukuleles will be provided for those wishing to try one for the first time.

Next month and through the summer we will be meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. Please get this schedule change on your calendar.

Photographic evidence of the April 29 Get Together

1888769_630878840315769_6855944493107567688_o 1506551_630879926982327_3975143791485222707_n

Ward, Issy & Tom                                                            Jamie & Amy

1544531_630879770315676_1283483061059345322_n 10255784_630879616982358_2271243340438519887_o

Mike & Heidi                                                                   Walt, Bob & Carolyn

10321597_630879390315714_715202159765536890_o 10177880_630879206982399_1520117359531981202_n

Carolyn, Joe, Mike, Heidi, Barry and some random children.  Next, Dan, walt & Carolyn



Joe, Barry & Drew


Not a huge crowd at the gathering, maybe 14 players, but we sure had some fun. Played around with some vocal arrangements and laughed a lot. What could be better?

April 29 – Bonus Get Together

Yes indeed, we are having a bonus Tuesday in April so, a Get Together is in order at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro from 7:00 to 9:00PM.

Bring your whole songbook with you, your music stand, your ukulele and your enthusiasm. We will play a lot of the songs from the last song list and other random choices from our book.

Come early & have dinner.