January 14 – More ukulele fun

There were 18 players in attendance on Tuesday at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery, four brand new people for our group. We played a random selection of songs from the song list and had a lot of laughs and some great music.  Our new players all agreed that this group has a lot of fun.

71434_570859942992521_1844397632_n 741263_580949575308696_1669993972_o 1048919_580950705308583_2005618361_o 1491463_580951111975209_1306372967_o 1493554_580950311975289_1858038664_o 1518733_580948475308806_1620155393_o 1527114_580951478641839_655055342_n 1553245_580949875308666_649652324_o

Barry & Paul


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