Photographic evidence of the April 29 Get Together

1888769_630878840315769_6855944493107567688_o 1506551_630879926982327_3975143791485222707_n

Ward, Issy & Tom                                                            Jamie & Amy

1544531_630879770315676_1283483061059345322_n 10255784_630879616982358_2271243340438519887_o

Mike & Heidi                                                                   Walt, Bob & Carolyn

10321597_630879390315714_715202159765536890_o 10177880_630879206982399_1520117359531981202_n

Carolyn, Joe, Mike, Heidi, Barry and some random children.  Next, Dan, walt & Carolyn



Joe, Barry & Drew


Not a huge crowd at the gathering, maybe 14 players, but we sure had some fun. Played around with some vocal arrangements and laughed a lot. What could be better?

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