September 10th Get Together

It would be impossible to not have fun with this group of ukulelists.  We’re all about playing almost anything.  If you weren’t there you surely missed a great time.

15253_698003926936593_7644917184022929547_n 984225_698003813603271_6939828067309285572_n 10592800_698003046936681_786161143767769120_n 10644908_698003700269949_7265035690233319205_n 10614266_698004123603240_3480196380732740040_n 10675758_698004253603227_2866120223341939365_n 10687223_698004370269882_6952538661096117448_n 10670050_698004490269870_3328235987986518606_n 10653597_698004766936509_581363674966590657_n 10646949_698004926936493_4541609016303673247_n

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