December 9 – Christmas Sing-along

A large group of players, some regulars and some new to the group and a trio of little girls who can really play made for a great night of strumming and singing Christmas songs. We rather filled up the large room at Charlie’s Pub and Eatery in Edinboro. A good time was had by all as can be seen in the attached pictures.

11693_745199762217009_2801210578080099948_n 1510389_745204678883184_7299218171761393836_n 1535425_745201198883532_9138299149567995719_n 1558520_745200088883643_880637460876130916_n 10383990_745204042216581_6028439016971942922_n 10455962_745201378883514_2978115484636623989_n 10696189_745203752216610_2299965703011752630_n 10846086_745200642216921_5929250399127513448_n 10846332_745202295550089_4148336302692777410_n 10847845_745201942216791_344914517216539141_n 10848907_745199532217032_1787368450360058431_o 10857780_745200468883605_2135090764660663691_n photo

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