February 10 Get Together

Once again, a great time was had by all in attendance at our regular get together on February 10. There were a few new players, a lot of smiling faces and lots hooting and hollering. It doesn’t get any better than this.

There were some more children to help this group stay young and challenged and there was lots of mentoring going on.  Paul and Mike did their rendition of “Mac the Knife” for the group, it was excellent.

1908310_780826958654289_419442843140625309_n10393760_780825408654444_4596384221309636916_n 10396278_780826225321029_2767349818680092257_n 10502220_780826745320977_8268014442616901321_n 10950703_780827838654201_5006338157635379471_n 10959771_780826395321012_6087487440286580596_n 10978710_780877278649257_4154048468405058158_n 10989229_780827228654262_1168738559464734620_n 10993482_780827605320891_6771801761696629442_n 10994591_780825945321057_7935855632872211850_n

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