Get Together – June 10, 2015

Holy smokes, what a great night. More than 30 ukulele players, some new some not but man-o-man did we play some ukulele. I do believe that everybody had fun.11143108_839159139487737_5371557954001743203_o 11337079_839159609487690_7377261928129161264_o 11390206_839160782820906_7136448376597930051_n 11390478_839160162820968_2554896815139008730_n 11390569_839158292821155_6287134165035012832_n 11401039_839159346154383_7622449919408448561_n11401326_839161576154160_7244477202264833909_n  11401315_839160462820938_4486146616456913225_n 11401403_839161049487546_8315258837654247621_n11401487_839158509487800_1218181190146200702_n  11403478_839158726154445_316470465960294066_n 11406210_839161252820859_5303649227490582770_o 11407317_839158906154427_8289171473257341923_n 11425242_839159849487666_4924399199337540077_n

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