August 12 Get Together

What a fantastic night of ukulele! There were 35 or so players singing and playing their hearts out, lots of sing along people too. All in all it was an an amazing evening.

As you can see, Charlie’s Pub and Eatery was jam packed with ukulele players all having a bunch of fun.

11828618_870678096335841_8778762710315749282_n 11866254_870678813002436_6480467947799719275_n

11872234_870677126335938_8362475658400605013_o 11873479_870677746335876_1940637637758793800_n

11873705_870678469669137_9167936612490215708_n 11898790_870678266335824_2216909472649900308_n



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