June 14 Ukulele Night & stuff

Hi All,

Ukulele Night = June 14, Wednesday

Here’s a tentative list of songs we will try on Wednesday:

5 ft 2 medley
A world of our own
Nowhere man
Back in the Saddle
Don’t Worry Be Happy (with Kazoo part)
Battle of New Orleans
Bring Me Sunshine
Enjoy Yourself
Friends in Low Places
Hound Dog
King of the Road
Wagon Wheel
I wanna Be a Dog/Cat

As usual we’ll warm up on easy stuff and move on, open mic, then player’s choice. Anyone is welcome to try an open mic song, so give it some thought. There must be something that you’ve practiced.

Preforming with the group! We are asked several time each year to perform some event or another. It works best if we have at least ten players to perform, that way unless everybody makes a mistake at the same time, nobody will ever notice. If you haven’t tried performing with our fun loving group, give it serious thought. All of ;you are skilled enough to perform and we do easy tunes.

Dates to keep in mind for performances:

August 22 = Crawford County Fair, Tuesday at 5:00(ish) pm
Sept 9th = Waterford Fair Saturday at 4:00 pm
Sept 16 = Warren, Saturday (I forget the details but will have them soon)

I will soon send a link to a survey where you can express your desire to perform or not perform in the above events.

See you all on the 14th,
Keep strumming,


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