NWPA Ukuleles at the Survivors Dinner – June 21

10468112_743144275726886_5222664257309546026_n-1    10379009_743144359060211_6031645559500879591_n

We played in the Youth Activities Building (a barn) at the Craawford County Fairgrounds in Meadville PA.

Nine members of our group were available to play at the Crawford County Relay for alive Survivors Dinner on Saturday, June 21. Our hour long set of songs was a big hits with the dinner guests during the social hour prior to the dinner. We can all be proud of this group of players for the outstanding job they did on the performance.

Notice the excellent engineering for the hanging of the group banner.  When asked to please find a place to hang the banner, our crew created a wall by upending a picnic table on milk crates.  NWPA ingenuity at work.

10502462_743144415726872_3922269598613882755_n      10374029_743144319060215_6714545055473395180_n



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