July 9, 2014 – Get Together

Boy-Oh Boy did we ever have fun on Hawaiian/Cowboy night.  This was such a great Get Together with a huge turnout.  Next Get Together is on August 13.  Don’t miss it!

10389175_668529033217416_8527563267724512912_n 10348387_668528743217445_659392447308848379_n 10525816_668529323217387_6993236770730204275_n 10532343_668529489884037_2174912804145416550_n 10530723_668529993217320_2578605830790473412_n 10262160_668528503217469_593374701224576251_n 10306480_668530203217299_1573777108198783987_n 10501865_668528316550821_9015617616153336100_n 1487448_668530346550618_5386878283513925637_n 10544415_668530583217261_9179255673035053754_n 10500352_668527349884251_6833869932078066903_n 10527876_668530906550562_8578912628371588309_n 10509575_668528166550836_1825221781052608810_n 10529671_10204199065726711_796635480_n 10503654_10204199294772437_552931310_o 10440228_668527719884214_6174191445329852815_n 10525590_668527993217520_7069559140624166952_n

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