November Ukulele Night and More:

I know that I have been remiss in updating this page, almost a month without my computer made that happen, well that and lazyness on my part.

Our November ukulele night was really a hoot. About thirty players and a whole bunch of new people, so much fun. This is all evident in the pictures, look!

Our next event will be on December 8 same time same place maybe some Christmas music, who knows.

906075_914730788597238_6345866504086522851_o 1461758_914730031930647_7648506547877286667_n 12195888_10207859299911428_5436024884937326083_n 12196322_914732288597088_5151877989600745085_n 12208545_914731015263882_5258632431201909414_n 12208802_914730605263923_3530056543599062359_n 12227844_914731841930466_7042836141972280017_n 12232875_914730241930626_3298646192204349453_o 12239517_914730401930610_4741898099190736181_n

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