October Ukulele Night – Third anniversary celebration

Well, it’s all in the history books now but it was fun indeed with a great open mic section and everything.  Sorry for the really late update11224418_1004439226264055_3278013624545476205_n 12063630_1004439072930737_6909606479237921696_n 12063632_1004439462930698_7130852119978281546_n 12065982_1004439302930714_3406357075250471844_n 12074829_1004439159597395_7561725134478346141_n 12079090_1004439282930716_2435498748337031514_n 12079225_1004439059597405_6376286662032758355_n 12088049_1004439189597392_9132898468271615660_n 12105742_1004439356264042_4873016472081807950_n 12108720_1004439032930741_7801362673041960158_n 12122687_1004439102930734_7861009929058662999_n

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